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April 18th, 2012, 1:02 pm

Apple tries a Nuzlock challenge - Log 2

This come out more intresting then i thought

Capture 1 pokemon per area minium.
Must have 6 Pokémon at any available time.
Can not switch with boxed pokemon unless a pokemon in party faints.
If a pokemon faints, nolonger allowed to use it.


Current party:

Pop Flyer (Cyndquil) Lv 6

After a short while we arrived at Cherrygrove. Few buildings scattered here and there, with a blue and red topped ones added to the mix. Stroling into town, with pop flying nipping at my heels, I was called over by an old man.

I have on idea what was going through his mind….. but he gave me his shoes and walked off.
Few minutes later I gave directions and the shoes to a nurse.

Wondering what the red top building is, I went inside. Everything was a bright yellow with orange walls, dancing trees dottabout with people standing there staring into space. In the centre of the room, behind the counter was a robot of a woman who was repeatedly saying “heal pokemon. heal pokemon. heal pokemon.”
See Pop Slowly back away from the thing, I decided it was best to let him heal himself naturally.

Following a sign in the form of a wooden post made of grass, I headed out the north entrance of town. Immediately I was attacked by a flock of pidgey’s. Beaks pecking every bit of skin they could. At this, Pop Flyer leapt to my defence, resulting bits of pidgey being left from Cherrygrove to this random small house that I found.

Entering the house, thinking it was mr pokemons home, I encountered a man in a giant acorn suit. Walls, ceiling, furniture, everything was made of acorns.
“hellllloooooooorrrrnnnn. Acorns are your friends. You must save them from the trees of doooooom!”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because treess are eeeviill”
“no…. no there not.”
“TRAITOE!!!!!” And then he suckered punched me with acorns in the face, sending me flying through his roof and off into the sky. As I flew away I’m sure I heard him say, “It looks like acorns have sent someone blasting off again!”

As I was flying I took the time to have a conversation with Pop Flying.
“Cynda, Cyn Cyn. Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil. CYYYNDA Quil. Quil Quil Cynda. Cyndaquil. Quilcyn.”
………………….. “I still have no idea what you’re trying to tell me Pop.” I told him.

I crash landed outside another house further north to where I was previously. It was Mr. Pokemon’s house.
I knew this from the sign. It said “Mr Pokemon will eat your brains in exchange for pokemon.”
Glad I’m now at the right place, I entered the building.
Inside I met Mr Pokemon, Moustache down to his knees and wearing a top hat that puts other to shame.
“Ah! .…..! Proffessor Elm told me you where coming.”
Looking around the room, I saw no piece of technology that could have told him I was on my way. “Erm…. How did you know I was coming?”
“Because I have psychic powers.”
“Any way. Take this eat. And take it to elm to be egged.” He said passing me over a white coloured egg.
Turning to leave I can face to stomach with the man of my dreams. No really. It was the old man from my dream. White hair and all.
“Those who fart the masks becomes a task.”
“What?” Taking a step back, completely freaked out.
Staring at me, the man reached into his once brown gone white cloak and took out a…. red… thing…. I seem to know what it is… but I can’t remember what.
“Memories are a fickle thing. Store them in this.”
Taking it I said, “erm… thanks? But who are you?”
“The names Oak.” Eye’s narrowing, “We shall meet again …….”
With that, he turned round and walked out the door. Yet. He never reached the other side of the door frame. As he steped through he just… disappeared….

Saying farewell to Mr Pokemon, I departed the house. Out side the phone rang.
“……. It’s elm! I need your help! I’ve been robbed! And I totally need a complete stranger I’ve only met once true no lie. Don’t care what anyone says. IT’S A EVROLUTION”
“..er… how did you get my number?”
“PYCHIC POWERS!” With that he hung up.

….. “I have no idea whats going on, do you Pop?”
Pop Flyer just pocked the ground.

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